First impressions in mobile gaming

I didn’t want to believe that I am already old school for gaming, so I tried one of most popular game and i figured out that it was mobile, back in my ideas the only game you manage to play in the phone was snake, but things changed, and changed a lot! The mobile gaming is even taking the scene in E-sports with FreeFire and LOL mobile, so I decided to try both of them.

First impressions in mobile gaming

My first impression was that these games are so complex, there are so many things to learn that I could spent just a month to get the basics, at least the tutorials are pretty good and give a nice introduction but I guess this is needed to have a good scenario to competitive games.

These games are compacted ones from computer games that required really a lot of power to run, this probably was the game changer to mobile, you can run a similar game without needing to spent at least 2000$ in a computer, you can run this games even in cheap phones from nowadays.

The screen size really disturbed me as there is a lot of things happening in the screen it gets really hard to see, specially with the button over it taking even more from your sight, i would love to try these in a tablet with a big screen, it for sure may looks better.

Competitive scene

There a lot of commands and the agility to deal with all of these with only two or even 3 fingers is really tricky and uncomfortable, the pro players really take it to another level getting some rereferrals to help dealing with it, special controllers and gloves to fill the gap that the touchscreen creates.

The mobile gaming alone moved more than 1B dollars in the last year, this is a lot, and they are pushing the casual consoles to the corner, we may see more and more games coming to the mobile and also new gadgets to improve the gameplay.


My first impressions in mobile gaming is pretty good, I manage to spent some time playing and had fun, for sure playing with a controller would help not just making it more comfortable but algo cleaning the commands from screen giving more to see. I can see these getting more and more popular in the upcoming years as there is nothing that say the opposite, maybe i get in the competitive scene and make some cash if I am already not too old to it 😛